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Magento 2 — Extension


The Coupon module allows you to add a Free Product promotion coupon to your store. Thus, making the promotion campaigns with free products for customers becomes easier then ever. You’ll be able to give any kind of promotional products to customers on your conditions just one click away!



* PHP 7.0 or 7.1 or 7.2

* Magento 2.3.0 or higher

Installation & activation

Installation via composer

composer config repositories.amazingcat-widget git
composer require "amazingcat/coupons-m2:dev-master"

Installation via zip archive

Please follow these steps:

  • Click “Clone or download” (green button on the right side).
  • Push a “Download ZIP” button and the archive will be downloaded to your local machine.
  • Log into your hosting space via a FTP client
  • Unzip and upload the folder to Magento root directory(app/code/AmazingCat/Coupons).


Follow this commands in your console:

php bin/magento module:enable AmazingCat_Coupons
php bin/magento setup:upgrade ; php bin/magento setup:di:compile


new price rule action can be found in admin panel Marketing -> Cart Price Rules

Here’s an example when you apply the coupon