Delivering complex
e-commerce solutions

We are development team, creating various e-commerce projects, involving all-inclusive integrations.

Our main project is Cattr, an open-source project management server app with a cross-platform time-tracking client for Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Why we can work it out

On the edge

We enjoy fresh new technologies, and always looking for the smoothest and actual decisions for our projects, choosing the good trends and mixing them with the stable solutions

Great experience

From the simple online shop to the airline's catering management system - you name it and we'll deliver that to you on time!


Alongside with the developlment process, we're also happy to take your maintenance on us, so you could entirely focus on what's important


In the moments you really need us, we'll be there for you, making sure everything works nice and smoothly

Illustration with our technology stack

With great powers

Our team are inventive hardworkers with many different experiences and skills. We encourage the programmers' flexible growth in the adjacent techlonogy stacks, instead of focusing on one narrow specialization, so we can find the best solutions for your particular case.

Speaking nerdy, our skills are:

  • Layout — accessibility, semantics, SASS and LESS
  • Frontend — Vue, Angular, WebAPIs and WebExtensions
  • PHP — Laravel, Symfony and vanilla development
  • CMS — Magento CE, Magento EE, WooCommerce, Shopify and more
  • DBMS — MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Elasticsearch
  • Node.js — Electron desktop & backend messaging / APIs experience
  • Infrastructure — Google Cloud Project, AWS and dedicated experience

What we can offer you


E-commerce development is our primary business, we are always at the forefront with the latest cutting-edge technologies


We've already created many web applications for airlines, cyclists, call-centers and are always glad to do something new


Need to communicate with uncommon hardware or use OS integrations? We can help you with our Electron and Kotlin superpowers


We can help you to integrate any kind of third-party services like delivery providers, CRMs, ERPs with popular e-commerce solutions


We can take a responsilibty of timely updates and security patches to maintain your application stability and security


Let us help you with your infrastructure, if you don't feel yourself confident enough around things like DNS, CDN, VM, and so on


Most of our commercial project are "white-labeled", so we can't talk about them publically.
To request a full portfolio, drop us a line, using the contact form below.

Want to do something together?

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